Best Wardrobe Clothing Basic Essentials for Women 2018

There are many stylish things women can wear in their wardrobe, ranging from work pants, skinny jeans, yoga pants, sweatpants, bags, sunglasses. These are basic fashion staples to have in any closet for good reasons, however, many women miss these three great wardrobe additions they should have in their closet.

  • Silk blouse

A silk blouse is a great pair of clothing to wear if you want to look stylish but are too lazy to put on all the nice things or don’t have the time to put on a fancy dress. If you feel bloated or uncomfortable, the nice silk fabric can feel great against your skin

  • A fancy handbag of some sorts

Women do like handbags but having a good cheap gucci tote bags can be great for looking sophisticated and wealthy in front of more sophisticated and wealthy people yourself, just having one will be great for a fancy occasion like a dinner or going out.

  • Trench coat

A trench coat can be great to look both stylish and not have to worry about being too cold or having to worry too much about the rain. It’s waterproof, warms your body up and at the same time looks stylish. Great addition.

  • A good-looking blazer

Blazers are great for casual business like going to the cafe or the mall, they look expensive to the untrained eye but aren’t really out of the range for most people who worry about what they have in their wardrobe, this is great for the office environment as well not just for going out.

  • Single sole heels

Heels are great for any romantic occasion, many women will love single sole heels, just a classic touch of sexiness to any occasion that involves romance can spice up a nice evening dinner or a party night. Make sure to have these on hand for fancy occasions as well.