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The Benefits Using a Tanning Tablet and Where to Buy

Who doesn’t want to be the proud owner of a golden bronzed skin? People go to any extent to have that tan that at times they do more harm than good to their body. A safe option is taking tanning pills. Here are a few benefits of these pills.

  1. It is really easy to consume these pills without having to spend hours in the hot sun or lying in tanning beds. The results are visible in 3 days of consuming the pills. There are no side effects to the pill.
  2. The results are long lasting and you can retain the tan for almost two months. Since the pills work internally, the results are long lasting with minimal sun exposure.
  3. They are safe when compared to tanning beds which are known to cause burns and even trigger cancerous cells in the body.
  4. The disadvantage of uneven skin tone from tanning sprays is absent when you use tanning pills because they work internally.
  5. Tanning pills are inexpensive when compared with other tanning methods like tanning beds and tanning sprays. These pills are not time-consuming too unlike the other two methods.
  6. Taking these pills is not a messy job, unlike the other artificial tan creams and sprays. These sprays and creams leave stains on your clothes and bedsheets and even your fingers and hands. But with these pills you do not have to deal with any mess; just pop them with milk.
  7. The pills are good for your bones too as the sun exposure makes your skin absorb more vitamin D essential for your bones.
  8. Other methods require long hours of sun exposure and ultraviolet rays which can lead to skin cancer and also initiate premature aging leaving your skin leathery. All these disadvantages are not there with tanning pills.

You can purchase your share of tanning pills at reliable websites like DarkLush.

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Beauty Features

Your Complete Drugstore Beauty Shopping List

Everyone has a drugstore beauty list!

When you are in college or just beginning work, chances are that you begin with having a moderate beauty list for yourself. With a little bit of financial independence, you arrive on the scene. But if you are someone who is comfortable using these products, then you are not alone!

I drew up a drugstore shopping list when I was still a freshman. With a little time, I started including more and more products. Today, I cannot imagine my beauty routine without the entries on my present list.

But first of all, what do we mean by a drugstore beauty product:

A beauty product that is available en masse in drug stores in contrast to the limited edition of highly luxurious brands is what we mean by the term. There are naturally more takers for the drugstore beauty products because of affordability. The products are no less superior or effective. The brands that I chose are from the famous beauty artist Kasiljean blog posts.

  1. Primer:

Before you start to wear your makeup or foundation even, you need to make a clean canvas of your skin. A primer like the Rimmel fix does that with great elan. The primer dries quickly and in a matte finish so that the foundation stays longer.

  1. Foundation:

Mine is oily skin, so I go for L’Oréal Pro glow liquid foundation. I am yet to come across a better one. The shade perfectly suits my skin and the formula is extremely light. I don’t even feel like I am wearing makeup sometimes.

  1. Concealers:

If you have dark spots like how I do, then this is the best hack for you. Go for the NYX HD concealer and you will throw out all the rest from outside your window.

  1. Eye makeup:

I only trust Maybelline for my eye contouring and coloring. Be in eye pencils, eye palette color or even mascara, nothing convinces me better than this brand!


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