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13 Things You’d Definitely Buy If You Ever Won The Lottery

Who doesn’t like some free money? The lottery is one such opportunity for those who want to try their luck in getting some money for free. All they have to spend on is the lottery ticket and the amount they win is all theirs without any effort.

So, let’s say you were that lucky person to win the lottery, what all would you buy? Here are 13 things you are sure to buy when money comes pouring in:

  1. House – If the amount is big, one is sure to buy a fancy house. Who wouldn’t want to buy a nice house without having to worry about taxes, loans, payments etc?
  2. Car – Again, if it is a big amount, one would buy a nice fancy car. When it is their hard earned money, the car would be practical but when it is bought from lottery money, it could be a sports car or something very catchy.
  3. Holiday – One would buy tickets to some exotic location for a holiday
  4. Gadgets – You are bound to buy some gadgets you would not spend on otherwise
  5. Appliances – All those expensive appliances you see on advertisements but thought were not worth the price
  6. Designer Clothes – everyone knows clothing with a designer tag is very expensive and affordable only for those with money
  7. Gifts – Expensive gifts for near and dear ones or just gifts for everyone in the family
  8. Seasonal Tickets – Buy seasonal tickets to your favorite game with the best seats, for the entire year or as long as possible.
  9. Boat/ Yacht – If you had the money, why not buy a boat or deposit it 4 yacht purchase, would be your thought as boats are considered exclusive for the rich
  10. Expensive Food – You are sure to get a few reservations at that fancy restaurant you always thought was expensive or has a long waiting period
  11. Jewelry – Who wouldn’t buy some expensive diamonds or other jewelry?
  12. A Holiday Home – Though an entire island may be some people’s dreams, at least a holiday home to go to regularly
  13. Another Lottery – Who wouldn’t want more money? You would buy another lottery ticket to see if your luck would continue

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