How to Choose the Right Running Shoes for You?

Today fitness has become a fashion statement more than an exercise routine. It is kind of a trendy thing to hit the gym and maintain a good physique. Running is the most effective option to remain fit and healthy. Check out movomovo for more tips on weight loss. People who have made this a part of their daily routine require a comfortable pair of running shoes. Otherwise running to keep fit will turn into a nightmare for the feet. The running shoes feel comfortable and nice when you try it at the showroom or store but the real challenge is when you start using it. You can never judge it within a few minutes you try it at the showroom. So be sure of your running style and the shape that best fits your feet more than going by any particular brand.

Why should you determine your running style?

It is important you realize your running style before buying a new pair. This can be easily ascertained by examining your old running shoes. Check which sides of the shoes appear more worn out than other sides, this will give you an idea as to which part of your feet has more pressure. You can go in for shoes that have extra cushion on the sides that experience more pressure. You can from a host of options such as Neutral shoes, super cushioned shoes, stability shoes, motion control shoes, barefoot shoes and Minimalist shoes. All these varieties tend to last for at least 300 to 400 miles.

Other factors to consider while trying a new pair of running shoes

Foot size – Be very sure of your foot size. These vary from manufacturer and even from one model to the other. Always have your foot measured before buying a new pair.

It is advisable to try new pairs at the end of the day as the feet normally tend to swell by the end of the day due to the daily activities.

Keep thumbnails extra space to make sure there is breathability and it is not too tight.

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