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Is Buying an Australian Shepard Dog Right For Cold Climates

Australian Shepard Dogs particularly have a very low rate of tolerance towards cold climates. They are indeed very sensitive towards sudden drops in temperature, and thus can hugely affect their daily lives. Therefore, buying an Australian Shepard Dog isn’t all that recommended for cold climates, but still, if you plan to do, you should be prepared to take good care of it. Following are some of the important things to keep in mind about Australian Shepherds and cold climates.

Things To Remember About Cold Climate And Australian Shepard

  • Australian Shepards Should Not Be Allowed To Stay Outside : Keeping your Australian Shepherd outside in cold climate for more than 20 minutes can cause bad skin rashes and problems in the respiratory system. The dog should be kept in a dog shelter if it has one. The dog house should always be raised off the ground, and thus kept always dry. There should also be a warm bed, preferably the tough chew resistant dog beds will do great.
  • Cold Climate Can Lead To Frostbite or Hypothermia : This is a common problem with most dogs out there. After exposure, the symptoms may take a while to appear. The paws will get swollen, and the feet, nose and legs will appear red, grey or white. It’s recommended to always removed frostbite from paws and fur instantly.
  • Provide More Food And Water : In the winter or cold climate days, always provide more food and water, so that it gets enough calories to stay warm. Freshwater which is not frozen should be provided if your Australian Shepard is spending more time outside.
  • Keep The Dog On His Or Her Leash : In cold climates or winter days, always keep your dog under leash. They can panic in a snowstorm, run away or even can lose their scent in that freezing weather. Therefore, it is advisable to always keep your furry buddy inside your home, most of the time during cold weathers.