Sex Swings or Sex Slings – That Is the Question

The world of sex toys has been an interesting one for me for quite some time now, but there is still one thing that I can’t understand clearly. I am sure that you have heard of both sex swings and sex slings, but do you know what the actual difference between them is?


Maybe the matter doesn’t seem complex to you, but, believe me, it is. Basically, it depends on who you ask and what you read. Unfortunately, there are many definitions of both, and many different ones too. So, it’s really hard to wrap your mind around this.


For example, Wikipedia uses terms sex swing and sex sling as if they were the same thing. That is not the case, though. Still, they use the term sex sling to describe sex swings. Even their first line in the sex swings article says: “A sex swing (also known as a sling) is a type of ….” Do you see why it’s confusing now?

While looking at some other sites, I found a pattern and that made it somewhat clearer. It seems that most sex swings have straps on which you sit while slings tend to have a kind of a sturdy panel on which you lay.


Still, that doesn’t line up with the things I found on Wikipedia. Both of these models were called slings and swings (since they use the words interchangeably). They did name some variations, such as the hammock style, sit style, etc. But I haven’t seen those terms anywhere else, though.


Next, I went on to read a description by Sportsheets. Their approach is also completely different; they don’t mention sex swings at all. In fact, they have two totally unrelated products which they both call sex slings.


You use the first one on your door, a kind of a doorway strap, and they call it a sex sling (while everybody else calls it a sex swing.) Also, they talk about a strap that you put around your feet or legs and behind the neck. It actually isn’t suspended at all, but more appropriate for bed use. They refer to it as a sex sling too.


All in all, I am not really sure what sex slings and sex swings are. We should probably set some international standards in order to understand each other better. Right now, there is a lot of confusion regarding these fun sex toys. Get a sex swing today here Cumswingwithme


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